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When is the best time to buy your next used SUV in Cairns?

29/03/2019 1:20:00 PM

When it comes to shopping for a second-hand SUV in Cairns, timing your purchase for a certain month or season might be worth with potentially significant savings. Choosing the right time to buy your next used car requires your patience and experience. Make sure you get the best auto deal by following our tips.


When is the best time to buy your next used car?

1. Don’t wait until you need a new one

Before your current car leaves you stranded, considering buying your next car can help you maximise negotiation leverage. Additionally, selling a used car can be a hassle, even worse for damaged cars, therefore, keeping the hassle to a minimum when selling your car is important. You can bolster your position and develop more confidence for a car trade-in when purchasing a new one at the right time.

When-is the-best-time-to-buy-your-next-used-SUV-in-Cairns

Preparation to buy your next used SUV is a time-consuming process. There are many things that you need to consider and make a comprehensive plan before finally making the purchase, such as comfort, security, and efficiency. Hesitation until your current car doesn’t run or has developed costly repair issues might lead to a loss in its value as a good trade. In addition, you can find the pressure to get a new car that forces you into a bad deal or even worse, if your current car is not drivable, it’s resale value can take a huge hit.

2. Look for a car when there are incentives

Incentives are special offers tailored to get you to buy a car, which is a great opportunity to decide among a few vehicles you're considering. Knowing about car incentives and rebates and how to incorporate them into the buying process can potentially save you thousands of dollars.

Basically, there are three types of incentives: finance offers, lease offers, and cash-back offers. While automakers provide buyers who own excellent credit scores with finance offers at low-interest rates, sometimes as low as 0 percent; lease offers to offer a lower monthly payment or a special deal that doesn’t require money down at lease signing.

When-is the-best-time-to-buy-your-next-used-SUV-in-Cairns

While most incentives are from manufacturers, it's necessary to note that dealers can also offer their own incentives. These deals are usually different, meaning that in this case, you can take advantages of both offers. Although dealer offers are usually not as much large as manufacture deals, they are often along with free items such as accessories for an SUV, local restaurant gift cards or petrol cards.

When is the best time for hunting down a good car deal?

If you are searching for a new used SUV in Cairns, there is plenty of time to hunt down a great deal during the shopping season, examples include Year model runout sales, Winter Sales, Cyber Monday, Christmas season and Boxing Day or special occasions like Grand Opening Promotions, company anniversary celebration activities. Thanks to these occasional but regular promotions, manufacturers and dealers can slash prices which can be the lowest prices you're likely to find all year.

3. Don’t miss the shopping seasons to buy a used SUV in Cairns

The end of the month

Since car dealerships are desperate and under high sales pressure at the end of the month, they can offer interest rates on financed vehicles ranging from zero to about 5 percent. However, a buyer needs excellent credit to qualify because not everyone will be eligible. Note that manufacturers or dealerships can change promotion programs at any time, therefore, make a conscious decision when you think you are likely to strike a bargain.

When-is the-best-time-to-buy-your-next-used-SUV-in-Cairns

Run out the end of year model sales

Prior to the release of the new year, models can be a great time to buy an SUV as manufacturers are likely to struggle with releasing the remaining leftover inventory. During this time, dealerships grow increasingly motivated to sell cars built that year, because they will soon become old models.

They are may kick off with Black Friday on November 23 and Cyber Monday happening on 27th of November. These are the perfect kick-starts for the shopping period before Christmas season and promote online shopping in general.

When-is the-best-time-to-buy-your-next-used-SUV-in-Cairns

Moreover, many shopping days with good deals go well into December. Many dealers use this December to offer discounts and encourage shopping during the Christmas season. In fact, there are significant discounts when you make a great effort to hunt deals. If you miss a good deal in December, you’ll get other chances to get a bargain. Boxing Day on December 26 and Christmas Day are important shopping days of the year you shouldn’t miss.

The New Year

As usual, January is something of a carry-over month, while February and March roll around cars built in the period year that looks less appealing to customers. Many manufacturers will tackle the situation and kick off a New Year sales campaigns in this stage. They spur sales in an effort to capture and maintain profit.

It mainly depends on your effort to identify possible incentives in the New Year. If you want to end up a deal at the bargain price, not only manufacturer deals, franchise dealers also may be sources for the attractive offers to achieve the maximum value.