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What are available options for you to sell your car?

29/03/2019 1:32:00 PM

There are many different ways for you to sell your car but understanding your car selling options will greatly benefit you in figuring out which method is the best for your situation. In this article, Mr Wheels has put together some selling options available for you. Whether you have limited time, want to have the best deal or just want to trade in a new or used car, one of these options will help you get cash for your car.


Getting cash for your car from a Dealer


Compared to selling your car privately, getting cash for your car from a used car Dealer in Cairns is quick, convenient and stress free. People who have limited time and do not want to handle hassle of selling their cars on their own in the long run find this option simply the best.

Recently, a great number of used car Dealers in Cairns have enabled car selling services on their website. It works like that: you contact the dealer to sell your car and send them its photos, they will get back with a rough estimate followed by an appointment to see your car and an offer of cash for your used car. Once you accept their offer, they handle paperwork and organize a cash payment for you. Likewise, if you trade-in your unwanted car for new one, the Dealer would figure out the cash discount in exchange for your used car. However, before you approach a used car Dealer offering cash for cars, prepare yourself with an idea on what your car is worth so you will not get fooled by a bad offer.

If this option sounds like an easy, hassle-free way to get cash for your car, please contact Mr Wheels Cairns today to get a cash offer for your car.


Selling car through consignment

Selling your car through consignment is essentially letting a used Car Dealer prepare your car for sale and then sell the vehicle on their lot. The beauty of this option is that the Dealer will do all the work

  • Wash and detail the vehicle.
  • Perform any sale critical repairs to the vehicle.
  • Professionally photograph and list online.
  • Securely present the vehicle at the Dealership where drive by traffic and Dealership shoppers can see the vehicle.
  • Actively pursue the sale of your vehicle to prospective buyers.

While there is a fee involved, this allows you to enjoy the many years of selling experience provided by the used car Dealer in making a potential sale happen. A car Dealer knows exactly what dollars and energies need to be spent to get your car in preparation for sale without overspending.

Unlike selling your car to the Cairns used car Dealer for cash, you will still need to have time set aside for the sale process to take place, but you will be looking at a higher return and the sale left in good hands.

If selling your car through consignment sounds like it is the right option for you, please contact Mr Wheels in Cairns for a free appraisal of your vehicle, as well of a run-down of the costs and process.


Selling car privately


People choose to sell their unwanted cars privately just because of one reason - it gives you the right to negotiate the best price. In other words, selling your car privately will get you most cash for your car without a middle man.

This option works best when you are in no rush to sell your car, there is a bit of work involved managing a mass of test drives and low offers which can be a real frustration. You also have to research to set your car asking price based on the current market’s value, photograph your car and advertise it to potential customers. You also need to make yourself available for your potential customers whenever they want to see the car or test drive and of course, take care of all paperwork for the deal.

In some states in Australia, when selling your car privately, a roadworthy check is compulsory. The rules, admittedly, vary from state to state and you need to check your local registration authority for details.

When you sell your car to someone you know like a friend or a family member, it can be considered selling car privately too. It somehow eases the intimidation but probably does not end up in driving a hard bargain once you know the buyer.


Selling car to Salvage & Auto Recycling

Do you own an undriveable car? Salvage and auto recycling companies or auctions are best suited for you. They offer an estimate over the phone and arrange towing day for your car. If your car is in a working condition, you may still get cash for your used car by selling them.


About Mr Wheels


Mr Wheels is a privately owned used car dealership in Cairns QLD. We offer a comprehensive service to our customers from buying used cars, selling your cars, used car financing to consigning.

We carry between 50 - 80 Cairns used cars at any one time ranging from Passenger Cars to Commercials to 4WDS. Our prices range between $5000 to $50000 and we welcome trade-ins of all types.

Think of upgrading to a large SUV? Sell your car to Mr Wheels Cairns now.

It is time consuming to sell your vehicle on your own, not to mention additional expenses incurred along the process. If you want to get cash by selling your car contact Mr Wheels Cairns today. Mr Wheels Cairns welcome your trade-ins or private sale at any time. We actively guide you through every step of our easy car selling process and take care of all paperwork. Instant cash payment is available if you accept our offer. We also offer consignment for those who are looking to sell their car at our Dealership in Cairns.

Simply click here to visit our car selling page, fill out the form with details of the used car you want to sell and our appraiser will get back to you soon for a rough estimate on what your car is worth.

If you do not live in Cairns, we can discuss how and where the car is to be appraised.