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5 common mistakes people make at the car dealership

29/03/2019 1:34:00 PM

If you are new to the car buying process, walking into a used car Dealership with salesmen trying to sway you into a sale can feel like a daunting experience. Unfortunately for new buyers it can be all to common to make mistakes such as a not requesting a test drive of the car or holding out with high expectations on what have been a good buy, only to miss out on the car altogether. However, buying a car doesn’t have to be as intimidating as you may have experienced in the past. In this article, Mr Wheels will look at some common mistakes people make at a used car dealership and some tips to avoid them. By eliminating them, you should be able to find the best car for your needs and your budget without too much stress.


#1. You do not know what you need

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Buying a car is not like buying a new pair of shoes. There are in fact a number of questions to ask yourself - how much you can afford, reliability of the brand, known issues or defects with that particular model, size of car and functional requirements just to name a few.

Sometimes for a brand-new car buyer, the showroom is not the first place to start. By conducting online research and comparing costs, specs and offering, you will be able to make an informed choice about a make and model of vehicle which will suit your needs.. There are plenty of review sites and car shopping portals where you can gather plenty of information about the used car you may be thinking of buying. Once you have a good idea of the car you are after, the next step is to make contact a reputable used car dealer in Cairns like Mr Wheels who can help you find the car you are looking for.


#2. You set high expectations

Setting high expectations is one a common mistake that new buyers make which can lead them to never achieving their goal of buying a used car. It is important to firstly understand what the market value of the cars you have in mind are, so that negotiations at the Dealership can lead to an agreement. A used car Dealer, if smart will be reasonable and look to sell their stock at a price which is competitive in the market, however they will not be giving the car away, so some simple give and take will save you a lot of time in negotiation. Simply do your research, set some boundaries and be aware of the reality of the costing of the car you wish to purchase.


#3. You do not take a test drive

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When you make the decision to buy a car, do not trust the salesman’s words only. They are professionals who are interested in selling cars to make a commission. If they do not give you the opportunity to take the car for a spin, walk away . Returning a car should be straightforward, but unfortunately all to many times can be difficult, and paying for a car which feels right to drive is an important first test that should not be ignored. Gather as much information as possible and test drive a number of cars until you find the perfect one for you. Make sure that the drive truly tests the car rather just a couple of turnings since you may pick up its problems after a decent test drive.

In order to confirm that everything is correctly running and you feel good behind the wheel, Mr Wheel Cairns can organise a test drive before you commit to the sale. Our used cars for sale are of high quality and in great condition. We make sure that the one you test drive is worthy of your time and money. You can contact us or visit our dealership to book a test drive.


#4. You buy something you do not need

Buying something that you do not need is another frequent mistakes people make at the dealership. When you finally sit down to close the deal and sign the papers, be prepared to say “No” a lot since it is the time when the dealer tries to sell accessories or extended warranties that are either unnecessary or more expensive than expected. Make sure that you are not charged extra for things you have already negotiated with your salesman.

To complement our used car range, Mr Wheels offer other alternatives for you to choose from extra vehicle accessories and extended warranties but we make sure that you will receive advice from our experts whether to purchase more. With years of experience in the industry, we are committed to consulting you with what you truly need and providing you with the best purchasing experience.


#5. You discuss your trade in too early

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Many buyers find it convenient and appealing when driving their used car in and their new one away. If the dealership offers to discuss your trade-in, you should do more research on the value of your used car first to avoid making a potential loss. Alternatively, you can choose to sell your car separately so you may make more of a profit.

Mr Wheels offer great prices for your car as a separate sale or trade in. We have a team of onsite appraisers to provide you with a precise valuation that reflects your car’s current market price. We guide you through our easy process and take care of all paperwork.


About Mr Wheels

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Mr Wheels is a privately owned used car dealership in Cairns QLD. We offer a comprehensive service to our customers from buying used cars, selling your cars, used car financing to consigning.

We carry between 50 - 80 Cairns used cars at any one time ranging from Passenger Cars to Commercials to 4WDS. Our prices range between $5000 to $50000 and we welcome trade-ins of all types.

Think of upgrading to a large SUV? Sell your car to Mr Wheels Cairns now.

It is time consuming to sell your vehicle on your own, not to mention additional expenses incurred along the process. If you want to get cash by selling your car contact Mr Wheels Cairns today. Mr Wheels Cairns welcome your trade-ins or private sale at any time. We actively guide you through every step of our easy car selling process and take care of all paperwork. Instant cash payment is available if you accept our offer. We also offer consignment for those who are looking to sell their car at our Dealership in Cairns.

Simply click here to visit our car selling page, fill out the form with details of the used car you want to sell and our appraiser will get back to you soon for a rough estimate on what your car is worth.

If you do not live in Cairns, we can discuss how and where the car is to be appraised.