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5 typical signs of a bad used car dealership

10/04/2019 11:06:00 AM

"I was just ripped off"

We know the frustration when you buy a low end used car with electrical issues, drained coolant system, or damaged body. To have a good car buying experience, you have to choose the right dealership. You can minimize time at the dealership experience when shopping online but cannot avoid it when it comes time to test-drive. Being prepared will help you go to a Dealership and avoid driving away with a Lemon, or a car you didn’t want. In this article, Mr Wheels have compiled a list of 5 warning signs to help you spot the bad dealerships before getting your foot deeper in the process.


#1. You feel uncomfortable or intimidated


Imagine you go to a nice restaurant, do they make you feel bad while you are the customer who pays for their service? No. It happens the same way at a car dealership. Your feel is the most important factor and trust your instinct if you feel like you do not belong here once entering a dealership. If you feel intimidated now, imagine how bad it will be when you begin negotiating.


#2. They do not mention test drive

Anyone who is selling a car tries to show how cool it is but a bad used car dealership does not consent to a test drive. They control every aspect of the test drive, for example: keeping the test drive short or limiting it to certain environments. When doing a test drive, remember to experience it in a number of situations (highway, highway speeds, traffic light go and stop) for 15 to 20 minutes and try using different systems - the radio, air conditioners or heater.

You can find a great number of used car dealerships in Cairns like Mr Wheel Cairns that you can trust their stock and service. Our used cars for sale are of high quality and great condition. We also offer test drives on any of our stock before you commit to the sale. You can contact us or visit our dealership to book a test drive.


#3. They are anti-inspection sellers


A comprehensive inspection conducted by an experienced mechanic is the best solution to guarantee your long-term ownership and your dealings with unethical dealerships.

Having the vehicle inspected is a “must” of buying a used car and under the eyes of gurus, the true qualities of the car is revealed. A quality used car dealership confidently has their car inspected by someone you choose while a bad one refuses to do it or insists you choose their mechanic. If they just give you lip service, you just need to walk away.

Mr Wheel Cairns’ stock is sourced from reliable Australia-wide suppliers so we are confident in its quality. Before going on sale, our used cars must undergo stringent inspection process conducted by our technicians to comply with Australian safety rules.


#4. They try to switch the car you want to another one

Salesmen are expected to sell whatever they have on their lot to get commission. This means they will say the model you want will not make you look luxurious as much as that one. The same goes with same old technique "advertised cars are no longer available". "Advertised cars" are a way to lure customers into the dealership so they can purchase the other replacement available in the dealership. You will probably hear them say "It is already sold", "There must be a mistake in the website or the newspaper". You should insist on seeing the used car you want and buying it at the stated price. If not, walk away from the dealership.

Mr Wheel Cairns’ offer an online stock where you can browse through our used cars for sale at the comfort of your home. We constantly update our stock so making sure that what you see in our website reflects our true stock in our dealership. We know the frustration when the car you want is unavailable, with our years of experience in automotive industry, we give you unbiased advice on choosing the replacement based on your specific needs. Otherwise, we have a team of car sourcing to hunt down that one used car and take care of your finance needs.


#5. They offer a very low price


How can a low price be a warning sign of a bad used car dealership? As a matter of fact, the probabilities of a person who can buy a high quality used car at a very cheap are low, the other side of that happening, sadly, occurs more often.

A super low car price indicates that the seller wants to sell it quickly and use the money tactic to cover all issues that the car has. You may regret buying later as the costs of maintenance and repair are almost the same as buying a new one. Therefore, stay away from used cars with prices that are lower than standard.

Established in 1985, Mr Wheels Cairns are one of the most reputable used cars dealerships in Cairns. We stock a wide array of used cars for sale priced from $5000 to $50000 of various makes and models. We have assisted a number of customers who are first time buyers, families and business.


About Mr Wheels


Mr Wheels is a privately owned used car dealership in Cairns QLD. We offer a comprehensive service to our customers from buying used cars, selling your cars, used car financing to consigning.

We carry between 50 - 80 Cairns used cars at any one time ranging from Passenger Cars to Commercials to 4WDS. Our prices range between $5000 to $50000 and we welcome trade-ins of all types.

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Simply click here to visit our car selling page, fill out the form with details of the used car you want to sell and our appraiser will get back to you soon for a rough estimate on what your car is worth.

If you do not live in Cairns, we can discuss how and where the car is to be appraised.